CATMIN (Cold ATom Molecule INteractions) is a new satellite of ICPEAC devoted to the studies of cold collisions and interactions in cold or frozen atomic or molecular gases. CATMIN's objective is to strengthen the links between the physics of cold atoms, molecular physics and even chemistry, so that new concepts and breakthroughs can emerge. The first CATMIN workshop will be a one-day conference centered on the cold-Rydberg-atom physics, which has recently led to an amazing renew of the Rydberg physics especially through the applications for quantum information and quantum simulation. Many other developments are also in progress especially in the cold-molecule field. The developments and progress of cold and ultracold, classical or quantum gases lead to consider new regimes of collision and interaction between particles. Long-range dipole-dipole interactions open up fields of research, such as the photo-association of cold atoms to form ultra-cold molecules, or the excitation of molecules or trilobite clusters corresponding to novel molecular bonds. The coherent scattering of light by a dense and cold atomic gas is also an interesting example where the role of dipole-coupling between particles is not fully understood. The giant dipole momenta, which can be acquired by Rydberg atoms, permit to investigate few-body and many-body regimes, up to the realization of quantum simulators for lattices of atoms individually trapped. This workshop aims at sharing these last developments and results among ICPEAC communities, for inducing novel approaches and applications in atomic, molecular and plasma physics, optics and chemistry.




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